Manitou Telehandlers and Forklifts

Leading the world in the production of the forklift industry, Manitou has established independent dealer network and network and product lines which have led to the emergence of Manitou as the most popular industry in North America. It focuses on performance, safety, operator comfort, serviceability, and dependability while supplying customers with efficiency, versatility in a wide range of industries and applications.


MT Series Telehandlersmanitou forklifts

the MT series telehandlers feature ergonomic operator stations, easy-to-use, and adjustable controls which makes it compact and enables it to perform in minute spaces. The telehandlers have been made keeping the comfort of the operator in mind. It features an optional enclosed to enable the operator to work even in extreme weather conditions. With lifting heights ranging from 19’1’’ to 55’ and capacities varying from 5500 lbs to 12000 lbs, the model has been designed to fit almost every application.


MLT Series Telehandlersmanitou forklifts

The Manitou’s MLT series telehandlers possess ultra-compact design which makes them extremely suitable for catering the needs of the agriculture sector. Whether you need to handle animal bales and feed to bulk unloading and loading of your products, the MLT series does it all.

The ergonomically designed and spacious cab was designed to provide extreme comfort to the operator. Furthermore, the enclosed and fully soundproof cab helps the operator to work in all the situations.


MHT Series Telehandlersmanitou forklifts

If you need a high capacity telescopic Manitou forklift, then MHT series will be the ideal solution. The capacities of MHT series telehandlers range from 19800 lbs to 72500 lbs with lifting heights varying from 22’ to 36’. The MHT series is designed to cater every application.

It features a dual-speed hydrostatic transmission and is operator friendly and highly maneuverable. Besides, the MHT series Manitou telehandlers provide all the precision and power you require to perform all your jobs.


manitou forklifts

M Series 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift

The Manitou forklifts have been built while paying special attention to the comfort, safety, and visibility of the operator and possess rough terrain abilities. They feature easy maintenance and their capacities vary from 6000 lbs to 11000 lbs. the machines are made to handle tough work applications.

Moreover, the cab of the forklift possesses suspension and 360 degrees full vision, ergonomic levers, curved counterweight.

MSI Series 2WD Semi-Rough Terrain Forklift

The semi-industrial series of Manitou forklifts are smaller and more compact as compared to the M series forklift. The MSI series focuses on maneuverability, excellent handling, easy maintenance, and unbeatable traction. The capacity varies from 6000 lbs to 11000 lbs which is equivalent to the capacities provided by semi-rough terrain model of M series.

MH Series Rough Terrain 4WD Forklift

The semi-industrial forklifts of the MH series render similar features as the MSI series. Besides, they possess the on-command 4WD capability and is used for applications which require overhead clearances and compact turn-radius while requiring rough terrain capabilities.

The machine can slide into a standard North American shipping container easily which makes it the most compact rough terrain Manitou forklifts available in the market.

6 Places to Check out This Summer from Downtown Toronto

Summer is here and along with it comes the season of road trips. Road trips, while the sun is on the horizon, are the perfect way to take a break away from the mundane. However, if you hit the road, plan the map.

Including Toronto in the itinerary is the best option for sure. Instead of splurging your hard-earned bucks on lavish abroad, this summer give a chance to Toronto. All you need is to get the best car rental in Toronto to set for a languid journey. Here’s a list of 7 interesting locales of Toronto you need to visit in this summer.

car rental in Toronto

  1. Cobourg Beach

There are two reasons for Cobourg Beach to be the top of the list. Firstly, it’s just an hour drive from Downtown Toronto and secondly, the beach is the most-treasured option if you love jazz and extravaganza. Home to a dozen of funky beach festivals, the white sand beach is what you awaits you this summer. Visit Cobourg, Ontario’s feel-good town to experience R and R in the truest form. Make sure to opt for the superlative car rental in Toronto to encounter the essence of the road trip.

  1. Scarborough Bluffs

If you want to discover the lesser-known wonders of nature, go for Scarborough Bluffs. Pack your bags and wend the way to this picturesque spot. Explore beautiful cliffs, hidden lake Ontario beaches and bewitching rolling fields to undergo an experience that falls nothing short of surreal.

  1. The Stratford Festival

Looking for an enriching theatrical experience to soothe your mind this summer? Let the Stratford Festival come to rescue. Come with your loved ones to this festival which is enlightened by the finest talents around the globe. Buy tickets at the earliest and witness some of the summer’s spectaculars namely Anne Frank, Anne Frank etc. Also, don’t forget to amble down the Avon River before heading towards the auditorium. The place is definitely stroll-worthy!

toronto car rental companies

  1. Maid Of The Mist

Maid of the Mist has been the go-to getaway for the people living in Downtown Toro  nto. This is one of the most Instagrammable places that come under the list of all the shutterbugs. So, what are you waiting for? Hire the car rental in Toronto and get set for a wild adventure in the backdrop of Niagara Falls. Stay after the sun goes down to confront the unfathomable beauty of the fall as it lits up at night.

  1. Hamilton

Located to the west of Toronto, this small city is stuffed with the brim unmissable beauty which your eyes need to jog along. Spend the day with your kiths and kin. Make sure to gulp on the sumptuous food available at the city restaurants.

car rentals toronto

  1. River Tubing, Elora

Beat the heat of the summer with some wicked water splashes. Go with your homies and experience the true adrenaline rush as you opt for river tubing in Elora. To get through the waters, consider taking the car rental in Toronto.

This summer, detoxify your soul from all the hustle and bustle and enjoy traveling some amazing places. Consider the places mentioned above if you prefer the roads less traveled.

Armoured Cars: History Revisited

During the terror-filled World War I, there was sixteen American Peerless trucks that were modified by the British to serve as armoured cars in the British Army during 1915. But their designs were primitive- they came with open backs, were armed with just a pom-pom and a machine gun. But these armoured cars were also used by the Tsarist Russian Army as well, as self-propelled anti-aircraft guns.


Let’s get familiar with some specifications of an Armoured Car: It weighs about 6.9 tons, is 6.12 m in length, 2.23 m in width, 2.77 m in height, an armour of 10 mm and can seat 4. In terms of armament, it has two Hotchkiss 0.303 (7.7 mm) machine guns, a peerless engine with 40 bhp and can cover a range of 145 km with a speed of 25 km/h.

armored car

Peerless Armoured Car

After the war ended, there was needed for a new design to replace the armoured vehicles which have worn out and so in 1919, the Peerless Armoured Car design was developed. It was based on the Peerless three-ton lorry chassis even though the Peerless lorry was considered to be a heavy and slow vehicle. But it was thought to be tough and it came with a rear wheel chain drive and solid rubber tyres.

Its armoured body was made by Austin Motor Company based on a design created for the use of the Russian Army. But the design turned out to be short than what the Peerless needed and so to reduce the issue, a duplicate set of driving controls were brought in at the rear of the car.

Even though the most common in use was the twin turret design which was fitted with two machine guns but various other variants were designed and it included an automobile pumped up with a 3-inch gun, an anti-aircraft variant which was armed up with a 13 pounder AA gun.

Here are some stats about it:

  • It was used in Ireland even though it performed poorly in off-road terrains.
  • A few of these remained in service with the British AF the beginning of World War 2.
  • Seven of the vehicles also remained in service with the Irish National Army during the Irish Civil war and they continued being used till 1932 by the Irish Defence Forces. But it wasn’t popular there.

Overall, the car was slow, heavy, unstable, unsuitable for poor roads but it was reliable. It also meant that its deployment was only ever done in urban areas.

Leyland Armoured Cararmoured car

In the year 1935, four of the Irish Peerless armored hulls were proper up on a modified Leyland Terrier 6×4 chassis. Next year, the twin turrets were replaced by a singular Landsverk L60 tank turret. This new Leyland Armoured Car remained in Irish service till the early 1980s.

The Ford Mk V Armoured Car

14 old Irish Peerless turrets along with their Hotchkiss machine guns were fitted into 14 Irish built automobiles in 1940 and they were called the Ford Mk V Armoured Car. For more information click here!