Unlock Ways To Dodge Freight Damage Along With Solutions

Freight damage is no less than a tormenting dream, especially for the shippers and sellers. People in this type of business often encounter such situations, which result in a huge loss. Partly man-made and partly natural, damage of this sort can be ignored even after hiring the best transportation service like Eagle Heights Transportation Inc.

Are you among the one who constantly lives in this fear of the unforeseen loss owing to freight damage? Well then, fret not. You can make your organization thrive with the implementation of some right techniques. Here are a few tips given that you help your business avoid the freight damages to the maximum:

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  • Work and Rework on the Packaging

Before heading towards a way out, the very first consideration should be on packaging. Hence, every package needs to be wrapped with ultimate precision rendering protection at par. You must be contemplating what kind of packaging hack will impart maximum safeguard. Well, start with palletizing the cargo. Most of the companies prefer this kind of packaging as it directly shaves off the hazard of extreme damage. You can have a look at Eagle Heights Transportation reviews while deciding a company. Opting for pallets is also one of the most cost-effective solutions. As per the market study, buying a pallet is way economic than those of 40 loose boxes.

  • Have Electronic Record of Extensive Documents

Moreover, you need to keep a record of a few documents to deal with any discrepancy in the future. It is always recommended to carry the photocopies or images of the following documents:

  1. Customs invoices
  2. Commercial slips
  3. Supplier invoices
  4. Inspection reports and other relevant forms 
  • Proper Inspection Before inking POD

This is an imperative step. You should make it a habit of proper inspection before you sign the POD. This practice will help you to detect any existing damage before shipping. You can also get relevant information on the missing items on the POD. With such earlier detections, you can claim for filings with the carrier even after shipping. On the other hand, if you fail to spot any significant damages on the POD, you may lose the advantage of claiming prior delivery.

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  • Opt for Labelling

The very first that comes in one’s mind while thinking about cargo companies like Eagle Heights Transportation Inc. and packages are stacks. However, people often overlook the concept of labeling. This is a killing hack to lessen the chance for error in stacking. Precisely, proper labels act as the ultimate lacing on the packages.

Labels make it easy to identify products. Thus, the staffs tend to handle them with care in accordance with their fragility. So, consider proper labelling to avoid any damage.

However, while being on the wheels, anything can happen without any prior warning. You can’t ignore the inevitable happenings. So, if you encounter unwanted damage, you need to face the situation with maximum preparation.

Here are the few things you can consider doing after the damage:

  • You have the right to refuse damaged shipment as per the regulation. However, as an owner of the supply chain business, you must take the responsibility of responding quickly.
  • Next, you need to contact the carrier along with proper documentation. For instance, if you choose Eagle Heights Transportation Inc Mississauga, contact their customer service center to get through all the formalities. The company known for its impeccable service treats all its clients with utmost integrity. They believe in transparency throughout the procedure.
  • Lastly, you have the advantage of claiming forms from your transportation company too.

Important Things to Include in the Claim:

  1. Make sure to furnish all the signed documents including POD or BOL. Remember to mention the reason for damages from the shipper or consignee.
  2. Putting the before & after photographs are also applicable for proper evidence.
  3. You also need to produce the supplier’s invoice showing the total loss made from those damaged goods.

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Apart from these you also provide the following documents to support your claim:

  • Bond documents if asked for
  • Shipper’s commercial invoices with proper value of goods those were shipped
  • Reports related to weight, inspection etc.

Before Wrapping Up

Consider all these hacks mentioned above to do away with the conundrum. It is not to deny that freight damage at times can be strong enough to destroy a company’s capital. As an owner, you would never want this happen to your business. So, always blanket the products for maximum protection and safeguard. Take your time, have adequate workers for proper packaging of the items.