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Standards of Practice

    1. Vacation Rental properties must have a resident manager on site OR retain a local licensed manager who is responsible to guests and neighbours in the event of an emergency or complaint on a 24/7 basis.  The manager’s name and contact information must be clearly displayed within the premise and kept up to date with the TVRA.  Owners/Managers must also provide this information to immediate neighbours, TVRA, and the District of Tofino, if required.


    1. Owners/Managers will post the TVRA’s Standards of Practice as well as property specific regulations in the home.  These should include:


      1. Fire regulations
      2. Tsunami and emergency evacuation procedures
      3. Beach access
      4. Parking restrictions
      5. Noise bylaws and restrictions
      6. Hot tub governance
      7. Trespassing rules and property lines
      8. Maximum number of guests allowed on site
      9. Restricting tents and campers
      10. How to be respectful of live local sea life (ie. do not remove crab etc from the beach)
      11. Recycling options and procedures


    1. There will be a maximum number of guests based on the number of sleeping accommodations in the home.  Tents, campers, etc. will not be used to house guests exceeding this maximum.


    1. Owners/Managers will have a written cancellation policy as well as a copy of the rules governing the Vacation Rental property agreed to by the potential guest as part of the contract.


    1. Owners/Managers will register with TVRA each Vacation Rental property to be used for vacation rental use.


    1. Member Managers and/or Resident Managers agree to keep a complete and accurate guest register.


  1. All members will abide by the TVRA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.  Members who do not comply with the Code of Ethics and follow the practices as outlined will be asked to withdraw from the association.  This will result in membership termination for one year with no refund of dues.  Membership may be reinstated by the TVRA Board of Directors upon compliance with TVRA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

TVRA Code of Ethics

The TVRA will promote and enhance the Vacation Rental business through professional practices, political and community involvement, and industry networking.  Accepting the standards and practices as outlined, TVRA members will conduct their business ethically.

Self Regulation:  Members shall be committed to the principles of self regulation and cooperate with all members in identifying and coordinating ethical business practices.  Members will comply with Standards of Practice as agreed to by the TVRA.  TVRA members should endeavor to eliminate any practices which could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the Vacation Rental industry.  Members will be pro-active regarding establishment and improvement of policies and procedures regulating the Vacation Rental industry locally and provincially.

Integrity:  Members shall be accountable to the general public, neighbours, and guests.

Accuracy:  Members shall communicate with honesty and make accurate claims in dealing with guests by maintaining truthful advertising practices.  TVRA members will not embellish, misrepresent or conceal pertinent facts relating to specific properties.

Honour:  Members shall practice the highest standards of customer service.  Members should not recommend the use of services of another organization or business in which they have a direct interest or in which they receive a fee without disclosing that relationship.  The TVRA should endeavor to keep its members informed of all matters affecting the Vacation Rental industry in our community and province.

Customer Service:  Members shall provide guests the highest quality of service, resolve disputes in a fair and expeditious manner, and preserve and build customer relations.  TVRA members shall protect and promote the interests of the owners/guests by treating their guests honestly and fairly.

Impartiality:  Members shall recognize the individual and cultural differences of all guests, employees, and community members – treating all with respect and dignity.  TVRA members shall not deny professional services to any person for reason of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.